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Thank you for joining us for
24 hours of Cyber Games!

Meet the 2022 Wicked6 Game Partners

Beginner - Intermediate

This Jeopardy-style Capture the Flag competition hosted by the U.S. Cyber Range of Virginia Tech will include questions in categories such as cryptography, networking, reconnaissance, reverse engineering, and web. Questions will range in difficulty from beginner to intermediate. If you haven't tried a CTF before, this is the one for you!

Time: 24 Hours

Beginner - Expert

Hack The Planet! HELP! Someone is Hacking ALL our Plants!

Our cake batter plant, Moar Bytes, Inc, just experienced a random shutdown and we are unable to restart anything! We believe it was a result of a competitor or a cake hater hacking into our plant from some remote location (they seem to be attacking everything we own). Luckily for us we recently installed some new network monitoring hardware that allowed us to capture all of the network traffic of the incident. Are you willing to help us get our plant back online?

Time: 5 AM-1 PM PST | 8 AM-4 PM EST | 1 PM-9 PM EST | 2 PM-10 PM CAT | 5:30 PM-1:30 AM IST| 11 PM-7 AM AET | 9 PM-5 AM JST


Beginner - Intermediate

3 Game Options within SimSpace platfom!

Threat Hunting Challenge: Your network is under attack! Examine the artifacts of an intrusion and recreate the steps of the attack chain. Use threat hunting skills, such as Kibana or Splunk searching and visualization, to gather the basic facts about your company's compromise. After gathering these facts, answer a series of questions about the intrusion from compromised hosts to malware artifacts.

Network Analysis Challenge: A challenge to test skills with network forensics using Suricata, Wireshark, and Zeek

Host Analysis Challenge: In this challenge, you assume the role of the primary blue team operator during a host-based investigation of a red team audit.

Time Slot 1: 3 PM-7 PM PST | 6 PM-10 PM EST | 11 PM-3 AM EST | 12 AM-4 AM CAT | 3:30 AM-7:30 PM IST| 9 AM-1 PM AET | 7 AM-11 PM JST

Time Slot 2: 2 AM-7 AM PST | 5 AM-10 AM EST | 10 AM-3 PM EST | 11 AM-4 PM CAT | 2:30 PM-7:30 PM IST| 8 PM-1 AM AET | 6 PM-11 PM JST


About Winja CTF Winja is a virtual community, run by volunteers. We aim to build capabilities in the field of Information Security through various technical events, especially capture-the-flag (CTF) events. Our upcoming CTF event at Wicked6 is targeted at beginners and women who are relatively new in the field of Information Security. We are going to have Web challenges mostly, but you can also expect a few challenges from other categories.

Time: 8 PM-2 AM PST | 11 PM-5 AM EST | 4 AM-10 AM EST | 5 AM-11AM CAT | 8:30 AM-2:30 PM IST| 2 PM-8 PM AET | 12 PM-6 PM JST

Intermediate - Advanced

This CTF is brought to you by the security researchers of Secureworks and will feature a broad range of challenges, from cyber trivia to forensics to malware analysis and more. While most of the challenges are intended for intermediate to advanced competitors, there is something for everyone. If you can Google, you can play! Many of the challenges are based on real world examples of the work we do every day to protect our clients.

Time: 24 Hours


Bootup CTF is a capture-the-flag style cyber range consisting of over 125 multi-disciplinary cybersecurity challenges.

Time: 24 Hours

Beginner - Intermediate

Google CTF Mini is a short jeopardy style individual CTF competition based on the annual Google CTF event. Challenges will range from beginner to intermediate in difficulty and in areas of cryptography, reverse engineering, and exploitation.

Time: 24 Hours