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March 30–31, 2023

24-Hour Virtual Global Event

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“I love WICKED6 because it supports our energy.”

Wicked6 2022 Athlete, Women's Global Cyber League

“So many amazing and beautifully intelligent women. They are an inspiration to push forward and learn everything I can find. Plus, thanks to Wicked6, I now know where to find it.”

Wicked6 2022 Athlete, Women's Global Cyber League

“I got to learn a lot and freely express myself. I grew my network experience by partaking in WICKED6. I look forward to more.”

Wicked6 2022 Athlete, Women's Global Cyber League

“WICKED6 was such a great experience! I got to meet a lot of new and awesome people all the while learning and trying my hand at some really fun CTFs :)”

Wicked6 2022 Athlete, Women's Global Cyber League

“It was an amazing experience!”

Wicked6 2022 Athlete, Women's Global Cyber League

“I loved WICKED6 because it's an event made by women, for women. Inspiring, empowering and fun, and it was an honor to be able to speak in it!”

Wicked6 2022 Athlete, Women's Global Cyber League

1,000 Women in Discord Playing Cyber Games.

Across the World. Supporting Women & Girls.

Wicked6®️ is:

  • A FUNDRAISING EVENT for the Women's Society of Cyberjutsu
  • GLOBAL SPEAKERS on cybersecurity careers
  • NETWORKING in Discord over a 24-hour+ period
  • CYBER GAMES for all skill levels
    • Virtual Escape Rooms
    • Capture the Flag Challenges
    • Attack and Defend
    • Plus prizes & merch!

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Event held virtually on Discord

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Gold Sponsor benefits, plus:

  • Keynote speaker at event
  • 10 Women's Society of Cyberjutsu annual memberships


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  • Your logo prominently visible at event
  • Your logo on swag
  • Press release and social posts
  • 5 Women's Society of Cyberjutsu annual memberships


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  • Panel speaker slot (if available)
  • Dedicated Discord Channel
  • Sponsor a game and provide prizes
  • Email to the Women's Society of Cyberjutsu Membership


  • Logo on website, social media, event promotions, and on-site signage
  • Provide item for prizes
  • Dedicated Discord Channel
  • 2 Women's Society of Cyberjutsu Annual Memberships

All sponsorship funds will be collected by our fiscal partner, the Women's Society of Cyberjutsu, a National non-profit Cybersecurity Community dedicated to advancing women in cyber careers. 70% of funds goes directly to WSC programs for women and girls.

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Esport Athletic Wear Sponsor | $12K

  • Your logo on Wicked6 Athletic Wear
*15% of sales goes to the Women's Society of Cyberjutsu.

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2022 Game Partners

Get Your Game On

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Beginner - Intermediate

Individual and Team Play CTF

This Jeopardy-style Capture the Flag competition hosted by the U.S. Cyber Range of Virginia Tech will include questions in categories such as cryptography, networking, reconnaissance, reverse engineering, and web. Questions will range in difficulty from beginner to intermediate. If you haven't tried a CTF before, this is the one for you!

ICS Village logo - transparent background-WHITE

Beginner - Expert

Individual Player CTF

Our cake batter plant, Moar Bytes, Inc, just experienced a random shutdown and we are unable to restart anything! We believe it was a result of a competitor or a cake hater hacking into our plant from some remote location (they seem to be attacking everything we own). Luckily for us we recently installed some new network monitoring hardware that allowed us to capture all of the network traffic of the incident. Are you willing to help us get our plant back online?


Beginner - Intermediate

Individual Player CTF

SimSpace will be providing 3 different challenges throughout the event: Threat Hunting Challenge, Network Analysis Challenge, Host Analysis Challenge.



Individual Player CTF

Winja is a virtual community, run by volunteers. We aim to build capabilities in the field of Information Security through various technical events, especially capture-the-flag (CTF) events. Our upcoming CTF event at Wicked6 is targeted at beginners and women who are relatively new in the field of Information Security.


Intermediate - Advanced

Individual Player CTF

This CTF is brought to you by the security researchers of Secureworks and will feature a broad range of challenges, from cyber trivia to forensics to malware analysis and more. While most of the challenges are intended for intermediate to advanced competitors, there is something for everyone. If you can Google, you can play! Many of the challenges are based on real world examples of the work we do every day to protect our clients.



Individual and Team Player CTF

Bootup CTF is a capture-the-flag style cyber range consisting of over125 multi-disciplinary cybersecurity challenges.


Beginner - Intermediate

Individual Player CTF

Google CTF Mini is a short jeopardy style individual CTF competition based on the annual Google CTF event. Challenges will range from beginner to intermediate in difficulty and in areas of cryptography, reverse engineering, and exploitation.


Thank you to our Wicked6®️ 2022 volunteers.

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