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March 28-29, 2025

Wicked6 is about women coming together to play cyber games and learn about careers in cybersecurity.

Supporting Women & Girls. Across the World.

Wicked6® is:

  • A 24-Hour Virtual Global Hack & Chat Event + An All Women's Tournament
  • GLOBAL SPEAKERS on cybersecurity careers
  • CYBER GAMES for all skill levels
    • Capture the Flag Challenges
    • Attack and Defend
    • Plus prizes & merch!
  • NETWORKING in over the 24-hour+ period
  • TEAM TOURNAMENT - International, Women-Only Cyber Skills Team Tournament with the finale live-streamed



Empowering women to showcase their talents, represent the United States on the world stage, and be role models for girls who dream big.

The selected 2024 US Women's Cyber Team will participate in global cyber competitions, focusing on career-oriented cyber games such as attack and defense formats.

Women interested in competing are encouraged to participate in the upcoming Season IV, US Cyber Open. From this competitor pool, a select group of individuals will be invited for interviews where they will have the opportunity to showcase their expertise in various cybersecurity domains.



Event Staff

Jennifer Dreis

Jennifer Dreis

Event Manager

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Beth Mayhew

Sponsorship & Promotion Lead