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March 30–31, 2023

FREE 24-Hour Virtual Global Hack & Chat Event on Discord

3,000 Women in Discord Playing Cyber Games.

Across the World. Supporting Women & Girls.

Wicked6® is:

  • A FREE event for women & girls to ATTEND and others to WATCH. Includes COMPLIMENTARY membership in the PlayCyber Global League for 2023.
  • A FUNDRAISING EVENT for the Women’s Society of CYBERJUTSU!
  • GLOBAL SPEAKERS on cybersecurity careers.
  • CYBER GAMES for all skill levels
    • Capture the Flag Challenges
    • Attack and Defend
    • Plus prizes & merch!
  • NETWORKING in Discord over 24+ hours.
  • The Signature Event for the PlayCyber Global League’s (PCGL) WOMEN’S LEAGUE.
Presented By
PlayCyber® Women's Global League

Are you up for the Challenge?


Join Us!

24 Hours of Live Speakers, Cyber Games, & Networking
Plus Exclusive Prizes & Merch!

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Opportunities to speak in any time zone

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Kick-Off: Thursday, Mar. 30 | 9:00 PM UTC | 1.5 Hours

Virtual on Discord
1 PM PT | 4 PM ET | 9 PM GMT | 10 PM CAT | 1:30 AM (3/31) IST | 7 AM (3/31) AET | 5 AM (3/31) JST

LIVE | Speaking: North America

Speakers: Jessica Gulick, Mari Galloway, Georgia Weidman, Angelica Castillo Rios

Cybersecurity 101 - Demystifying the Basics for Beginners:  Alexandria Felix, Rebecca Brawner, Amena Jamali, Yeshaswini Balakrishnan

part moon

Session 1: Thursday, Mar. 30 | 3:00 AM UTC | 2 Hours

Virtual on Discord
7 PM PT | 10 PM ET | 3 AM (3/31) GMT | 4 AM (3/31) CAT | 7:30 AM (3/31) IST | 1 PM (3/31) AET | 11 AM (3/31) JST

LIVE | Speaking: Japan / Australia

Speakers: Maain Al Rashdi, Yollanda Gonyora, Hoda Alkzaimi, Nermen Ibrahim

Panel de Mujeres en Ciberseguridad en Latinoamérica: Gabriela Ratti, Diana Benitez, Staycy Guevara, Leidy Carvajal, Paula Venosa, Angelica Castillo Rios

full moon

Session 2: Friday, Mar. 31 | 10:00 AM UTC | 2 Hours

Virtual on Discord
2 AM PT | 5 AM ET | 10 AM GMT | 11 AM CAT | 2:30 PM IST | 8 PM AET | 6 PM JST

LIVE | Speaking: Africa / Europe

Speakers: Omotolani Olowosule, Christina Skouloudi, Nancy Muriithi, Sara Almijlad

Mind Matters - Exploring Mental Health and Well-being in Cybersecurity: Asma Habeeb, Yollanda Gonyora

full sun

Session 3: Friday, Mar. 31 | 3:00 PM UTC | 2 Hours

Virtual on Discord
7 AM PT | 10 AM ET | 3 PM GMT | 4 PM CAT | 7:30 PM IST | 1 AM (4/01) AET | 11 PM JST

LIVE | Speaking: India

Speakers: Jennifer Cox, Jessie Jamieson, Yesenia Yser, Haneen Emeir, Joy Huggins, Fatma Abdullah Al Maqbali

The Impact of ChatGPT on Graduate Assignments, Theses, and Dissertations: Amelia Phillips, Machica McClain, Jennifer Merritt


Finale: Friday, Mar. 31 | 9:00 PM UTC | 3 Hours

Virtual on Discord

1 PM PT | 4 PM ET | 9 PM GMT | 10 PM CAT | 1:30 AM (4/01) IST | 7 AM (4/01) AET | 5 AM (4/01) JST

LIVE | Speaking: North America

Speakers: May Brooks, Shawnya Benjamin, Weijia Yan, Sara Al-Kindi


Speaker Line Up

Christina Skouloudi
Maain Al Rashdi
Nancy Muriithi
Sara Al-Kindi-V2
Weijia Yan
Omotolani Olowosule
Hoda Alkzaimi
Fireside Chat
Shawnya Benjamin
Nermen Ibrahim
Jessie Jamieson
Sara Almijlad
Haneen Emeir
Yesenia Yser
3 Speaker Panel
Jennifer Cox
2 Speaker Panel
Georgia Weidman
Joy Huggins
W6 23 Speaker Panel Slide 2
Fatma Abdullah Al Maqbali

Game Platforms

us cyber range - game box - wicked6-2023
meta ctf - game box - wicked6-2023
cyber talents - game box - wicked6-2023
cyberjutsu-W6 23 Speaker Slide 2 (1)
haku game platform
SANS - Game Platform Partner - wicked6 2023
BREACH TTX-wicked6 2023

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By becoming a sponsor, your company is recognized as a Specialty Program Company Member of the PlayCyber Global League.

This membership level includes 3 individual league memberships, 1 quarterly league webinar, & much more!


Gold Sponsor benefits, plus:

  • Advisory Board Seat
  • Keynote speaker at event
  • 10 WSC annual memberships


Silver Sponsor benefits, plus:

  • Your logo prominently visible at event
  • Your logo on swag
  • Press release and social posts
  • 5 WSC annual memberships


Bronze Sponsor benefits, plus:

  • Panel speaker slot (if available)
  • Dedicated Discord Channel
  • Sponsor a game and provide prizes
  • Email to WSC Membership


  • Logo on website, social media, event promotions, and on-site signage
  • Provide item for prizes
  • Dedicated Discord Channel
  • 2 WSC Annual Memberships

All sponsorship funds will be collected by our fiscal partner, the Women's Society of Cyberjutsu, a National non-profit Cybersecurity Community dedicated to advancing women in cyber careers. 30% of funds goes directly to WSC programs for women and girls.

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Become a Game Platform Partner

There is no charge to be a Games Platform Partner, but there are plenty of benefits and you're helping women.
  • Your platform logo is featured in all event email promotions.
  • Your platform logo and game description are featured on the Wicked6 website, with a link to your website.
  • Your platform logo or name is included in social media before, during, and post-event.
  • In-kind arrangement.


Interested in volunteering your time to support Wicked6® 2023?

Volunteer opportunities are available for all skill levels and areas of interest. Simply fill out our volunteer interest form and our volunteer coordinator will reach out to you. 

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